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                                   Almost, Maine Cast List
Pete - Jackson Loya
Ginette - Anna Rodeheaver

Her Heart
East - Adam Cox
Glory - Sammi Corwin

Sad and Glad
Waitress - Hannah Mendelson
Sandrine - Anna Mut
Jimmy - Luke Van Ginkel

This Hurts
Marvalyn - Gianna Lopez
Steve - Josh Medeiros

Getting It Back
Gayle - Hannah Stonebarger
Lendall - Adam Cox

They Fell
Shelly - Parmida Ganji
Deena - Katie McCarthy

Where It Went
Phil - Caleb Smith
Marci - Emma Winslow-Smith

Story of Hope
Daniel - Josh Medeiros
Hope - Maya Garcia
Suzette - Brooke Metoyer

Seeing the Thing
Rhonda - Phoenix Mella
Dave - Caleb Smith
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