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CETA  & DTASC Awards

CETA Awards 2023_2024.jpg


CETA (California Educational Theatre Association)

Festival cancelled due to Covid

3rd Place Orange County Area - Clue!

2020-2021 Virtual 

CETA (California Educational Theatre Association)

1st Place OC, 4th Place State - "For Whom the Southern Belle Tolls" - One act

2nd Place OC, 4th Place State - "The Triangle Factory Fire Project" - Full length

Judges Superior Award for Triangle Factory Fire Project Tech Team (Tech Category)

Judges Superior Award for Caleb Smith for Triangle Factory Fire Project (Graphics)

Judges Superior Awards for Lily Ohman and Preston Veravanich for The Triangle Factory Fire Project and For Whom the Southern Belle Tolls (Acting)

DTASC (Drama Teachers Association of Southern California) - Virtual Festival

5th Place - Costumes/Make-up design - Triangle Factory Fire Project

Honorable Mention- Graphic/Publicity - Triangle Factory Fire Project

Honorable Mention -Original Scene - STOP by Avery Ackerman

Honorable Mention - Scene  - A Doll's House, Part 2


OC Artistic Merit Award - "The Unloved"

1st Place Scene - "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Abridged"

Choreography - "The Unloved" - Jacob Beaver, Kaylia Pham

All Star Cast Award for Acting - Jacob Beaver, McKennzie Norris

Director's Choice Award - Sophia Berry, Liam Shannon

Adjudicator Award - Liam Shannon, Jacob Beaver, Kaylia Pham, Kayla Holiday, Logan Booth, McKenzie Norris, Kenny Cook, The Heartbreakers, The Unloved


CETA Scholarship Award - Ethan Cox

Adjudicator Acting Awards "The Crucible"- Ethan Cox, Emily Boyer, Jenna Bowman, Rachael Golkin, Charlie Massey

Technical Award -"The Crucible"  Lighting, Set

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