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A ComedySportz show begins like any other sporting event: the introduction of teams and a referee, an explanation of fouls and penalties and then the coin is tossed, and the games begin!

The match is a barrel of wits, on turf, between two teams playing a variety of improv games. The results are hilarious. It's competitive (sort of,) and always unpredictable. It is clean good fun; perfect family entertainment. 

                     ComedySportz is an auditioned club.

Auditions are August 31

from 3:30-5:30pm.

2022-2023 Home Match Dates

 All matches are at 7pm in the Performing Arts Theatre

Friday, Sep. 23

Friday, Oct. 14

Friday, Dec. 2

Friday, Jan. 13

Friday, Feb. 10

Friday, March 24


All matches begin at 7pm in

Performing Arts Theater (PAT).

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